About Us

About Us

We are a family-run, embroidery shop and website studio, based in Georgetown Ontario.

Think about it this way...

Where do you want to put your logo and branding? How about a website? Definitely!

Would you want your logo on your letterhead? Of course!

What if you can advertise while working or playing? How? Wear your logo! Put it on your shirts and jackets!

Nakoda Creative provides a unique combination of services.

We portray professionalism within your company through quality branding and presentation. Our flexible structure forms a consistent image from embroidery and apparel, to design across all digital platforms.

Nakoda Creative continues to evolve...

Always maintaining our goals of providing quality workmanship and great customer service; remembering where we came from and the great customers that we have serviced along the way.

Founded in 2010, specializing in equestrian web design
Nakoda Creative was originally called Stable Spider.

Our initial focus was on website design. Our very first project was creating a custom website for an equestrian business. Theresa, our founder - with her lifelong obsession for all things horsey and her background as a Systems Administrator found equestrian web design to be a natural fit.

Over the years it became evident that there were more areas where we could assist our customers. We began offering print design and branding services, making sure to keep our customer's image consistent and identifiable, reflecting their logo and colour scheme in all of their printed media from letterhead and flyers, to posters and other advertising.

Our initial jump into the apparel business occurred when our largest client required assistance with sourcing a supplier and organizing their line of logo clothing. Their previous embroiderer had disappeared. They also recognized that coordinating a large group order is a lot of work and were happy for our assistance. We helped them with that year's order and have been doing custom clothing for them ever since.

We started as an equestrian business promotion company and have expanded into other industries.
We now have clients as diverse as Landscape Companies & Musicians.

our new
Becoming Nakoda Creative
Better than ever!

At the start of 2016 we had expanded our services and felt it was time to update our name. Choosing a less equestrian focused name which would better reflected our work, but continuing to acknowledge the industry where we started by keeping the horse head as part of our new logo.

Why Nakoda Creative?

Our new name was inspired by the name of one of our horses - Nakoda was named after the Nakoda people. The Nakoda (also known as Stoney or Îyârhe Nakoda) are an indigenous people in Western Canada. They refer to themselves in their own language as "Nakoda", meaning friend or ally. Like the Nakoda, we strive to be a reliable ally to our customers.

Under our new moniker, "Nakoda Creative", we now offer in-house embroidery services which enable us to provide more consistent quality and better service for our customers.

have your brandification needs covered