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Cartwheel Gymnastics Centre

New Website for Cartwheels Gym Centre!

Cartwheels Gym Centre’s website was in need of a revamp. Their new website has been built utilizing a responsive template. The responsive design greatly improves usability for their customers; who are active families, always on the go. The website automatically adjusts to the viewers screen size for maximum usability on all screens; from computer to smart phone.

The content of their site has been re-organized and consolidated to make it much quicker and easier for parents when they are looking to register their child into one of Cartwheel’s gymnastic programs. This re-organization also makes keeping the website up to date much simpler and more efficient.

The colour scheme of the new site follows the gym’s bright, primary colour, branding and the new site takes on a much happier, fun, feel with the addition of many new photographs of their smiling gymnasts.

Cartwheels utilize their Facebook page as a primary medium to keep their customers up to date on events and news. The news feed from their Facebook page has been included within their website to provide easy access for their website visitors.