Digitizing for Embroidery
What is Digitizing?

Digitizing is the process of turning a logo or graphic into an embroidery file. Digitizing is required to translate the design into a code that the embroidery machine can understand. A digital embroidery file tells the machine where each and every stitch goes. Machine embroidery digitizing is an art form as well as a technical skill. Quality digitizing runs efficiently on the machine and produces an attractive and accurate end product.

Digitizing Services

Nakoda Creative provide in-house digitizing services, and we also utilize a digitizing specialist for extremely complex designs. We digitize using Wilcom's EmbroideryStudio software; the best professional embroidery and apparel decoration design software.

When we digitize logos and graphics, the designs are put through a test run on our machines using sample fabric. The designs are adjusted and re-run as required until they are proven to run properly and look great.

Names and Monograms

Not every embroidery project requires a custom digitized design. For example, names and monograms can be created using the pre-designed fonts and styles available within our digitizing software. There are literally hundreds of fonts available.