In House Embroidery Services on a wide range of products!
Attention to detail produces the best end results. Nakoda Creative is pleased to provide uniforms, team wear and specialty items that you will be proud to wear.
Why use embroidery? Because it is strong!
Samurai soldiers used embroidery to hold their armour together. The equipment of a Samurai was comprised of many pieces, all meticulously made and embroidered, carved, and decorated. The armour was the culmination of collaboration between various artisans with every detail carrying a meaning in their symbols.
Today embroidery has taken on a new role. It is used commercially in product branding, corporate advertising, and uniform adornment. Modern computerized embroidery machines are capable of producing intricate designs at lighting speed.
Embroidery is the best choice to add customization to a variety of articles. Good quality embroidery will last for many many years. Apply it to quality items such as coats, jackets, polo shirts, hats, equestrian saddle pads and coolers.
Careful and accurate embroidery locations!
Nakoda Creative utilize a number of tools and techniques to ensure your embroidery is in the correct location and that it is straight. Taking extra effort ensures the best results.
For the best results